Obstacle Course

It’s easy to look at a goal or aspiration as something available but difficult to reach. I see it often: clients, friends, family have achievements in mind yet in the same breath site a laundry list of challenges that may prevent them from realizing success. It is true we all have many things on our plates, and it is also true that we cannot always overcome them precisely as we wish.

There are moments that would have us throw up our arms and quit. Yet for anyone and everyone who has achieved something in life -who has succeeded in reaching a goal- you will find that quitting is not part of the plan. Instead of being frustrated, giving up or plain denouncing an intention at every hurdle, consider the many ways you can navigate a setback. Here are some tips and tricks I use for myself and with clients, that have helped to realize every goal comes with its own obstacle course… it’s how you choose to tackle it that will ultimately lead you to success. Continue reading

An Enchanted Forest

I attended a conference recently which I would assume surprises you to no end given that it was actually entitled A Wellness Symposium. Keener that I am, I anticipated the event with bated breath, learning and jotting notes from as many speakers as I was able. Eager to hear the newest, latest and greatest in human nutrition, exercise science and mental health I counted sleeps until conference kick off.


A conference hosted at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Beehive summit hike. Breathtaking.

The symposium surprised me. This year’s theme wasn’t about nutrition, exercise or mental health advocacy.  Continue reading

Real People, Real Stories

I am often reminded by others that the pursuit of health is easy for me, a health professional with formal education in physiology, exercise science, nutrition and psychology. Not so, my friends, not so. I work just as hard as anyone else. Nevertheless, I understand that my story may not speak to everyone.

I am blessed with some incredible people in my life who have overcome some tough, tough obstacles. To showcase their fabulous transformations, I decided to launch a series on DCAU which will remain a permanent feature of the blog: Inspiration. You will now find this page in the main menu.

What are these inspirations? Well, one is a friend who has overcome a crippling anxiety disorder by using healthy nutrition and exercise. Another is a former colleague who has piles on her plate, yet always makes time to be active and show her daughters how important healthy living is to self-esteem and quality of life. Another still, has beat cancer and overhauled his life by becoming active, healthy and involved in health and wellness. And finally, a friend of mine has dropped 68lbs by simply ditching the junk food and walking everyday. You can find my story there too.

Inspired by these stories? You should be… I am! These are regular, non-health professionals who have learned, have put in the effort and have turned their lives around by simply taking the healthy road. Want to read about them or submit your own inspiring story? Jump on over to my newest perma-page and enjoy.


I harp on advertisers and marketers, news media and the like. I do it because words are so easy to use, and so influential they can harbor lasting effects on those taking them in.  There is an abundance of misleading misinformation being distributed carelessly by print, video and radio advertising making claims behind a veil lacking in transparency.  We trust these sources because we expect they’re held to a high standard, but that’s not always the case. So to help demystify common trendy, popular (in some cases ultrapopular) sales jargon, here are some food catch-phrases, how they’re duping you, what they actually mean, and why you shouldn’t fall for them. Continue reading

No Cheating

I doubt this will come as a surprise to anyone, but I do not believe in cheat days. I just don’t think they’re a smart thing to do. Now before you launch into a spiel of needing a day to indulge and allow yourself the opportunity to go hog-wild without complete detriment to your aspirations, let me explain. Once again I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I have my reasons for viewing cheat days as a bad thing. Apart from the fact that I don’t like the idea, I have a few, more founded grounds for dismissing the thought. Continue reading

A Pain Free Run

It’s a widely known fact that runners deal with injuries on the regular. We’re not talking unfriendly dogs or rolled ankles, though those are unfortunate events. In the world of running it’s a common topic of conversation to ask if you’re having an injury-free season. To this I say why are we accepting this trend?

Most runners’ injuries are overuse and/or misuse related. They’re imbalances caused by too much running and not enough variety. Then there are the ones caused by poor form such as ‘slouchy runner’ or too much too fast (mileage), leading to ‘lazy runner’.  Bad technique isn’t just reserved for the weight room, friends. Continue reading

Weight Loss Secrets

I see it day in and day out, a common trend in the world of health and weight loss. At the mere mention of a dipping scale, bystanders often prod: how? Did you take something? What did you do? How did you lose the weight? Will it work for me? How long ago, and how do you keep it off?

There’s an expected equation for easy weight loss, an anticipated secret known only by those who have successfully walked the walk. Right here, right now I’d like to share those secrets with you. With everyone. Right here, on a blog dedicated to daily, healthy choices, I’d like to tell you my story of losing 60lbs and how I’ve kept it off for over 11 years (and counting). I am going to share my secrets. Everything you are about to read is 100% true. Continue reading

It Adds Up

I was in Winnipeg visiting family when I heard the news. My husband at home with fewer vacation days than I, he kept me posted. But it was Twitter that had me feeling like I was in the thick of it from thousands of kilometers away.  I was glued to my phone like a Mafioso suck in cement. In the background the tv played live footage of the devastation of my city. With nearly no warning, Calgary was covered in water. Continue reading